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Dear Fellow Vendors:

We invite Small Business Merchants of all categories to join us Saturday, Sept. 30th & Sunday, Oct. 1st in the Historic Auburn Avenue District for the Annual Fall Edition of the Sweet Auburn Music Fest hosted by FCE Entertainment and the Urban Stations of Atlanta!


The Sweet Auburn Music Fest (S.A.M.F.) is designed to provide Experiential Marketing Opportunities for financial growth potential to local merchants within the Sweet Auburn Avenue Business District as well as those corporations seeking to expand their marketing base.


The S.A.M.F. leadership recognizes that it is often difficult for small business owners to market to the masses with a limited media budget. Thus, the Music Fest promotes and provides one on one direct customer contact with a mass number of potential clienteles.


Application acceptance begins November 1, 2021. Vendors will be selected on a first come basis. Space is limited!

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Vending Information

Vending Categories
Food Category I (Cooked Food) - $950.00+
Food Category II (Ice Cream, Cakes, Drinks, etc.) - $700.00+
Merchant (No Food Items) - $650.00+
Corporate (Call For More Information) - $5, 995.00+
Discount Rates: November 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023
Flex Pay Option: November 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023
Fatimah E.: - (678) 334 - 6653
General Information:
Joseph Johnson:
Steven M. Sales Director: 
Thank you for your interest in joining us at this exciting family fun-filled event, the Sweet Auburn Music Fest Committee
Terms and Conditions / Refunds:
SALES ARE FINAL! In case of cancellation from the Promoter, City of Atlanta, Weather Conditions, or Emergency from Exhibitor, FCE Entertainment reserves the Right to extend an invitation to another event date, within a 12-month cycle, managed by FCE Entertainment.
Submit the request to: or by mail:
Attention: Fatimah Muhammad | P.O. Box 3196| Atlanta, GA 30302.

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