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The Sweet Auburn Music Fest achieves success with the help of performers like you. As you plan your 2024 event calendar, we extend an invitation for you to take part in one of the South's most diverse and community-focused events on Saturday, September 28th to Sunday, 29th. If you haven't experienced the festival before, please visit the website for a brief overview.

How To Submit Music

Follow Instructions Below

  • Upon completion of payment, you will receive a Square Transaction Number (i.e. Transaction number: 4Q8JEH7E). This order number is your reference number, NOT AS A SUBMISSION ORDER NUMBER. It must be included in the subject of your e-mail submission.

  • Email:

    1. Two (2) tracks (no longer than five minutes in length)

    2. A Picture of the Artist/ Band

    3. ​The Music Submission Application to Upon receipt of the e-mail, you will receive a notification-verifying receipt of the product.

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