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John Wesley Dobbs Building /APEX Museum
141 Auburn Avenue

Built: 1940's(?)
Architectural Style: Renaissance Revival
Original Use: Functioned as a schoolbook depository; first air conditioned building on Auburn Avenue.
Readaptive Use: APEX museum and quarters for the Southern Education Foundation..


Recorded Dates:
1940's - Built. First air-conditioned building on Auburn Avenue to protect the school books. Named after John

               Wesley Dobbs because of his strong belief in "bucks, ballots and books" as a means to a way out of the social

               conditions of his era.
1970's - Served as a tire warehouse.
1978 - Dan Moore, Sr. was inspired to create an African American museum that would celebrate the achievements

           of unsung heroes such as Dr. Benjamin E. Mays and others. The APEX museum was organized, an acronym

           for African American Panoramic Experience. This title embodies the mission of the APEX - to interpret and

           present history from an African American perspective and to provide its visitors with a complete view in

           every direction of African American history
1985 to present- Restoration and re-adaptive use of the building as a neighborhood museum. Serves the APEX and

                               Southern Education Foundation.

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